Ladies can you be with a man who wasn't financially stable?

I've been knowing this guy for almost 10 years and we've been dating for almost 3 years he is five years younger then me and he works for a moving company. But he is not trying to get something better I'm not the gold digging type of woman but it's getting to the point were we can't even go places because he doesn't have any money. He seems as if he doesn't want anything better for himself. He does smoke weed almost everyday. He just not to long ago got this settlement from a car wreck and it was 4,000 and he got it back in November and it's gone a lot of it went towards clothes, electronics, play station3,going out to eat and supplying his weed habit. I really do care about him but I feel like he needs to get his shit together and I don't know what I should do because it seems like he is OK with being broke. My bday is coming the 16th of Feb and Valentine's If he doesn't get me anything or comes with an excuse when he could have got it in advance when he had his settlement I'm going to have to break up with him it may sound selfish but I feel a man should be able to provide for his woman.


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  • I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend was "poor," but only if he was working toward financial independence. If he is in a low-paying job and we can't afford to go out that's fine, as long as he is working hard in his job to get promoted or is going to school to try to get a better job.

    Also, I don't care how much money he makes as long as he is not relying on me. I'm not going to be the only one working hard in the relationship. And if we don't go out or buy gifts for each other because we are saving money then that's fine, but not if he's just gonna go spend the money on something else instead of saving it.

    If you eventually want to buy a house with your partner and raise a family with your partner, then you need a partner who will be able to save up the money for that. If your current boyfriend is living paycheck to paycheck and not working toward improving his situation then it is not selfish to dump him. You have different visions of the future and you can't expect him to change just because you want a different life. So I think you need to explain your feelings to him and move on to someone who lives a more compatible lifestyle.


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