Boyfriend cooled off but won't break up with me. Why stringing me along?

We had an misunderstanding he said he cool off because he thought I don't ever wanna get married. I clarify with him by saying I will only consider if the guy and I both love each other and he is a good person. it takes time for someone to show their true color.

he said you should phrase yourself better.

I thought our misunderstanding is cleared and things will be fine again. he is still reluctant to make plans and I asked if something is bothering him I thought we cleared our misunderstanding? he replied babe I'm just really tired I had a really long day. I'm going to sleep. sweet dreams.


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  • Well obviously he is waiting for you to tell him you want to marry him at a point.

    • how can I tell him that? I meant without the topic brought up it would be awkward

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    • Well all I can say, is that it's none of his business at this point. If he can't understand that, he's no good. Ok, that probably was a question to you, in order to know if you considered you two had a serious relationship. So maybe reassure him on that part, but don't say anything about marriage. Marriage is a conclusion, not a goal in itself from the start. Especially if you aren't sure yet. And can you be, at such an early stage ?

    • True if he can't understand he is no good. I wonder if it's cultural difference? When he took me to his family. They made some big statement. Like welcome to the family. Very glad he met someone. Please take care of him.

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  • he doesn't want to break up with you obviously

    • Well he ain't treating me right :(

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