Man I've yet to meet, or old ex?

So there was this guy I was in a relationship with in the past. I kept leaving him for an ex of mine because at the time, I was completely stuck. This was about 7 years ago. The guy I kept leaving and I, remained friends. Recently, about 8 months ago, we started seeing each other. I wanted to make it official. He didn't. I understood it was because of my constant leaving in the past. I couldn't blame him. I kept persisting though, and he flat out ended things.

Months later, I'm talking to a guy on a dating site who I'm incredibly attracted to, and thus far it seems we have amazing chemistry and much in common. We haven't met yet, but we were supposed to meet tomorrow. He's coming from a couple states away so it would be a long distance relationship at least starting off.

Just last night, my ex who ended things, told me he made a mistake. He told me I've always had his heart and he was feeling scared and vulnerable and it's why he ended things, but has no realized I am the one he should be with, and that it was a mistake to end things the way he had. He said a bunch of other sweet things, that need not be mentioned.

I was honest and told the guy who I'm supposed to meet about what happened. I didn't know what to do. He understood and appreciated my honest and told me that if things don't work out with my friend, to not forget about him. I feel like maybe I'm making a mistake. I'm not sure what to do. I feel incredible chemistry with who I was supposed to meet, but I feel I could be making a mistake with the old ex, at the same time. Any words of wisdom?
I'm sorry, that's supposed to read.. but he has NOW realized I am the one he should be with.


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  • sounds like you will date both of them again, because that's what you did with the old ex before and he let you get away with it.

    Thats what I predict will happen. What SHOULD happen? Pick whichever one your heart wants (not your brain) and go EXCLUSIVELY for them. Don't contact the other partner whatsoever.

    Thats the only fair way to play it.

    • That's pretty hard to do when my heart and eyes haven't met the other person in real life yet.

      I'm sorry but you may not understand since I didn't express my post in such detail.

      I was with both of my ex's Exclusively. I didn't cheat, and wasn't unfaithful in any way. When my ex had kept breaking up with me (it was a very long - 10 year off and on relationship), that's when I kept going back to the one that's now in question. So, there was never a time I was seeing both of them at once.

    • gotcha; but your heart was split between the two it seems. That's a big time no no and be sure you are focused on one person, even during breaks, else the relationship will crumble.

      So, hmm, in your case what would I do? Knowing myself, the ex, if I really felt the same way. If I did not, new and exciting seems like a better option.

    • Thank you so much for your advice! Much appreciated.

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