Ex boyfriend contacting me & I don't get what he wants.

My ex keeps emailing me. We dated for over 8 years. We didn't speak for about 7 months. It's been 9 months since he left. Right away started seeing another girl. I don't know if he left me for her & I don't know if there still together.

He tried contacting my sister first to get to me but I ignored the attempts. I changed my phone number so he had no way of contacting me. He emails me even when I don't respond right away. He never says he misses me or apologizes or anything regarding our relationship. He knows I cannot be friends with him. I do still care & love him but I'm not sure what he wants. He keeps telling me all about his life like how's he's in college now & interning. He even mentioned me bringing my animals to the vet where he's interning.

Then he unblocked me on fb & started uploading old photos ( that I took) & tagged all our friends so id see them in my feed. He also started liking things on my sisters page & their not friends on fb. It's clear he's trying to get my attention...He emails me even if I don't respond he'll come up with something else to ask me. ? I'm confused & quite honestly am sick of the emails. It's like he wants to ask me certain things but dodges the questions.

I don't want to come out & say anything. It should be him. Should I say what do you want? Or ? I don't know help me please. What's his deal?


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  • Sweetie, firstly, to be totally fair here, being you both had an 8 year relationship together, but unfortunately left on a bad note, he may have had time within that time period to do some serious"soul searching". Obviously(unless he would be that cagey to do this behind her back), he is not seeing this other girl, but then again, who knows. You don't even know if he had left you for her, although it was strange how he had just so happen to "pick up" on someone "right away."

    Secondly, THAT alone , is something that sticks in a girl's mind, raises a red flag: NO TRUST. Even if you were to have taken him back the very next day, he betrayed that trust you both had shared for many years. Now that he 's back--and with a vengeance---never saying how much he misses you, or apologizes or anything about your relationship, is only talking about himself and his "precious life," the hell with what you have going on in yours, and even wants you to bring your furry friends to his "hairy haven." I smell a rat, if you will pardon the pun. He is purposely trying to "line up all of his ducks in a row" behind your back, butter up sissy poo, as well on Facebook, and continuously emails you like some "Craig's list" stalker. You say he "like wants to ask you something, but dodges you"---yeah, like the plague, right? Don't fall for the "Class A animal act," sweetie--or what "Dr. Doolittle" has "up his hairy arm." He may have something more to ask you, OF you, or----FROM you. Be wary at this point. Often, a "zebra doesn't change his stripes," and for all you know, he hasn't and ---his leopard spots, as well, have gotten spottier." Contact him, and make arrangements to see what he wants just to "set the record straight" and to find out if there really is a" big yellow stripe down his back".


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  • Tough situation. If you break the silence you lose the 'power' And you might not get him back. Plus side, he might open up more.

    If you don't talk, he might open up. But then again he might stop messaging.

    Maybe let him talk to your sis?

  • Sorry I don't get what you actually want, so it is hard to give any advice. On one hand you are blocking him and trying to ignore him, on the other hand you do seem to be quite interested in what he wants of you.

    Well I think he still has feelings for you, but does not know how to show them. This is quite natural behaviour as very often we try to be consistent with previous behaviour (splitting up) but what we actually really want is something different.

    The art to get back together in such a situation is find a way where he can be consistent with him and his beliefs, for example some people belief in true love, some people think that it is okay to get back together if the other person makes a move first, it depends on him (and you of course).


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