Just trying my best to get over break up and need advise on keeping positive.

so I ended this relationship, I finally found myself and am now aware of what I need.

currently I'm set up with a gym pass, going to the doctor today for chest pain, working as much as I can, almost full time and sometimes over full time hours.

-i have started talking/ attempting to flirt with other guys, haven't been on too many dates because of busy schedule

-learning another language just for the hell of it

-talked to counselling services, gotten some insight

-not falling for anyone easily, taking time to barricade myself emotionally

-blocked all family + friends of exbf

I still have some negative thoughts about him that I Just want to eventually forget. I'm trying to plan this vacation this summer (limited funds).

I'm not sure where the best place is for meeting new friends. I realize that, while I was dating my ex, I rarely hung out with my own friends. thoughts?


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  • It almost sounds like you're trying to do too many things at once. Everything on your list is great, fantastic. I just worry that you'll start to fail at some of these tasks and that will get you down.

    You can meet people at work, join some kind of club or activity to meet more people.

    • If you mean meeting friends at work, I'm with you 100%. However, if you mean meeting a date, that's kind of risky. You could be stuck with a lot of awkwardness or worse.

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  • Sounds like you're on your way to a healthy recovery. You hardly need much advice at all in that regard. Well done.

    Ask yourself what your hobbies are and see if you can find some groups along those lines. You'll meet other friends and perhaps another guy. Good luck.


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  • Go look up meetup.com there a group of girls who go places to meet girlfriends try meet new friend. There should be heaps of differnt websites.


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