When you back to college after a break everyone asks how was your break. How do you not give a boring answer?

I might be hanging out tonight with my crush and I don't want to come off as boring. I'm worried because we just got back from winter break and I don't really have any interesting stories to tell. My break pretty much was boring. When people ask me how was break I pretty much just say good how was yours. I want to be able to have a better conversation. I don't want to hear though you should have had a better break than. Not an option. Any suggestions please?


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  • unless you lie about it you really have no option...

    .you can take the humble (lying ) route and say you helped feed the homeless and what not or you can say something like you went skiing or snowboarding...or went camping or hiking..

    its fairly easy...

    a white lie never hurt anyone... but don't do this often or you can find yourself trying to convince yourself your lies are truth..


    hope I can help..


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