I am having trouble moving past my boyfriend's fling.

There's been an issue where my own problem and it has escelated with stress and pressure that happed over time and I was taking on so many responsibilities dealing with my life. I needed to sort things out on my own and I told my boyfriend this because there is no way of him helping me on my family matters or sort out my own life but for some reason when I explained that to him he thought I was neglecting him. With my stress level and pressure I lost it and said some really nasty things to him because he would not listen to me. I needed some sort of support ad my boyfriend doesn't understand what I am going through I just needed time alone to figure some things out. He kept asking me if there was some one else? Out of annoyance I said in a few minutes there will be and he took it quite hard.

I may not have been the most supportive girlfriend but I dd my best to help him out as much as I could financially but I lacked in giving him moralcsupport because so much has occured in such a short period of time. With my family issues and my personal life and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out iI fought with him . I wanted nothing more than to take back the things I said yet hearing he was with some one else for the past 8 months that literally crushed me.

I didn't know what to do or say and told me it was over with him and her. I stayed faithful and loyal for 8 months when we needed space I love him with all my heart yet I am not sure what to do. Those 8 months to me was like a test to believe that even if we don't talk I'll always stand by my man. But hearing that he had a fling with some one we know that just really broke my heart. I don't know what to do. When a man also gives a girl a promise ring. That promise ring is sacred to me it says we are never going hurt each other, cheat on each other, but work things out. He tells me he hasn't done anything wrong. I became pissed when he said those words it felt like a knife went through my heart. Is there a way to get passed this at all? I feel like all trust is broken and I am driving myself crazy because if this happens once he can do it again. I just need some advice... Please.


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  • To him, you guys didn't take a break. You broke up. So when that happened, he pretty much moved on. His life didn't stop because you were going through a tough time. Plus, almost any guy would move on if someone said the things you did.

    I know I may be coming off as a dick here but I'm honestly not trying to be. I'm also not siding with him. Just being realistic. But I will say that I think you should find a guy that is more understanding than he is. A good boyfriend will understand what you're going through and be with you when things are tough. Even if you say mean things, he will understand that you are stressed and not take it personally.

    I am sincerely sorry that this happened. But I really think you should just move on from him. If you want to restore a relationship with him, you need to understand that he won't accept that what he did wasn't cheating.

    • It just hurts and he is on a really tight leash as in saying its going to take a lot for him to make things right again. Its so childish.

    • Well, it is going to take a long time to make things right for the both of you. Relationships don't just go back to what they once were when you first starting dating. It's like starting brand new. If you thin it's childish, then you need to really consider whether or not your relationship with him is worth salvaging and working from the bottom again.

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  • If someone was so disgusting to me, I'd instantly lose ALL feelings for them so breaking up with them wouldn't hurt at all. He was terrible to you and he cheated for 8 months, wow lol.. how can you feel anything but sad for yourself for wasting your own time?

    Leave him and focus on you. Don't waste time being mad at him, he's not worth it.

    When you're ready, you can find someone better :) Keep your head up!

    • We've been together for 2 years and he always was a great boyfriend helped me a lot in the past and stuff but some things are a little different now and two years... Its just unbelievable.

    • Yeah, it sucks but now you know, so only thing left to do is leave him and move on.

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