Final verdict of this homewrecking drama?

After so long of try to hold on to whatever I thought could be I ended it. It was my first time dealing with such a relationship that I didn't know how to handle it.

This relationship has thought me that I couldn't date a girl who associated with a lot of guy friends (Even her ex's). I guess I am to blame as well for allowing it, but I did truly love her and it was crazy.

She said he was just a friend, but the minute I told her I couldn't do it and that she had to choose I didn't hear from her again. Obviously she was dating him the next day or something like that. He messaged all my friends to see if we was hooping (And my friends told me to get a handle on him). So I messaged him that night before new years...I didn't want to go into the new year with that b.s. He pretty much made it seem like it was my fault. That I had her for too long, he said that it was my jealousy that drove her away...I had a right to be. She posting everyday missing him and nothing ever about me, she made me feel like I was an eyesore that was just in the way. He also said I had no right to be mad. Granted I wasn't mad...I was not happy, but I wasn't mad. I knew what it was. He was my friend only because he wanted to get to her.

Because this was such bs ill post his last comment he sent

I'm glad we talked just make sure you have no regrets when you do and stop blaming me that why you are where you are now your a smart guy next time listen to the women.

I blocked him...I've moved on.

Well that's what I tell myself. its not until I went on her page did I know how painful it felt...I don't know if this is a step forward or a step back...If you took the time to read this PLSZ Comment back.
So my ex texts me at weird moment. I'm talking to this new girl. we've been talking for like a week and of course she has a guy best friend. He likes her and all that, but she doesn't see him that way and that when I see him id understand. But yea my ex texts me around this time and tell me she wants to fix things and apologize for all her mistakes (But she's not begging for me back). I don't know what she wants. I know she can't fix nothing because we can't fix nothing when the problem is always him


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  • they deserve each other, if she wasn't happy she should have just ended things with u,but her actions were very selfish as well as this so called friend of yours,just let it go,They are both manipulating lying douche bags,u deserve better

    • Thank you. I really appreciate it.

      The convo I had with him was probably for the best. I never treated her wrong and I would have listened if she was feeling doubts, but she felt she could go to him with it all. Lol one of my friends told me if I'd consider going back with her. I thought about it and realized it could never happen...I mean I love her and all but I don't trust her, she'll still talk to the guys she know I hate, lmao even friendship is impossible

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  • what she did to you was wrong. if she wasn't into you she should have made that clear and you could have both moved on sooner.

    personally I can't be friends with an ex. it only worked once, and only because we had been friends for a long time before dating, and it was a short relationship. it's been 4yrs since and we have spent a lot of time on repairwork.

    and don't look at her page. ever. just block them both.

  • I do not really have close guy friends and I am never 'friends' with my ex`s. I noticed anytime I am friends with a guy it is because I like him and want more. Just block her out of your life and find another girl. It will be painful at first but you will eventually move on.


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