Just can't get over my ex girlfriend?

We were together for 3 years, she was my first love and I hers. I'll try keep the question reasonably brief. Basically, I suffered mental illness which caused difficulties in our relationship. Eventually we split up even though we were both still in love and I got some help. A year later and I feel a whole lot better and I'm still in love, so I go to see her and she's pissed off about the whole thing but it soon becomes apparent she still has feelings for me, but she's with someone else now. A month later we have a one night stand and she says she'll leeave the guy and that we're forever, but she backs out the next day. I can't get over her... I don't know what to do. Advice?


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  • Hmmm seems like there is uncertainty there...even though that one night stand may have seemed like a good idea at the time, it looks like it's had some effect on the circumstance. It probably left her feeling overwhelmed/confused at the idea of a new beginning for you both. What is important now is for you both to sit down and discuss the relationship, even if she is still with the other person. She is probably weighing the pros and cons due to the personal problems you encountered in your last relationship together ie, fear of similar outcome or relapse or just simply unable to accept the differences, if there are any.

    In short, agree to casually meet up and talk about these things, conversation is always key. If you don't get the answer you want, be a gentleman, respect her and love her the same, us girls need more time than we like to let on sometimes ;) and if your always around, it definitely counts

    ...it seems like she still has feelings though, best of luck :)


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