Is my boyfriend telling the truth or cheating on me?

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly a year and when we first started dating, he told me of this girl from a far away state stalks him from time to time for the last several years (he's a musician and met her when he played a gig). Throughout the whole year I heard nothing of her, but all of a sudden, he gets a call at night while I was at his house and he told me it was that stalker chic from years ago. He put her on speaker so I could hear and he told her to stop calling and to leave him alone. She didn't say anything other than asking him if he was going to start getting mad. He repeatedly told her to stop calling and he hung up. He told me that she tried to break up his last two previous relationships before me and that he can't change his number. He said he usually blocks her, but forgot to block her again (since the carrier he has only blocks numbers for a few months). Should I trust him? Is he telling the truth? I'm worried because I had a previous relationship where the guy claimed the woman that kept calling him was "crazy", only to find out that he really was cheating on me with her. Thanks for the help.


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  • The simple fact that he told you about her before hand, and that he put the call on speaker so you could hear the conversation, makes me believe that he is being honest with you. If you're at fault, you aren't going to put the person who could get you busted, on speaker phone so the other party can hear.

    However, he didn't just 'meet her' when he had a gig, he screwed her. She wouldn't be harrassing him years later if they'd only met.

    • Yea, he practically told me he screwed her. I just put 'meet her' to make it sound more innocent, lol. But yea that's really what I meant. Thanks :)

    • LOL! "He screwed her" xD

      Could be a possibilty

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  • You're on a fast track to becoming a paranoid girlfriend if you let your insecurities block you from seeing how genuine this guy is being.

    • Well, of course this situation is gonna rattle my world a little. Imagine if it was the other way around? I know already no doubt I need to trust him.

  • Sounds like he has been 100 percent as honest with you as he can be, given the circumstances.

    Do you really want to turn into the paranoid girl he's warning his next girlfriend about?

    • Oh God no, lol. I'd hate to live life like that. I just wanted to get feedback from the public. Thanks.

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  • i agree with the other two comments that have been posted - he sounds pretty honest so just take him at his word. Trust is something no one else here can decide for you - you will have to work on it yourself and not project your previous experience with your ex on to your new boyfriend because that is not fair to him.

    On a separate note, you said he can't change his number. I don't see why he can't. Just call your phone service provider and ask them for a new number - simple.

    • Yea, I'm making sure to remember that each relationship is different. I guess so many people have his number that he can't afford to change it. I'm the same way. Thanks tho.

  • Goodness me if he had her on speaker phone with you present and told her to stop calling...

    YES you can trust him! Not many men would do that.

    Perhaps once upon a time it was more than a stalker... but I think he is telling the truth.

    Do you honestly think he would be telling her where to go if he was interested in her?

    No, he likes you.

    Stop worrying, put it to the back of your mind and forget about it.


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