My ex's girlfriend is treating me like shit infront of the kids.

My ex has a 22 year old girlfriend (he and I are 39). She treats me like shit and slams doors in my face when I drop off stuff for the kids. When he and I get along she is mad stomping and slamming doors. He says ignore her. But when he and I argue she smiles at me and even sticks her tongue out (she makes sure he doesn't see it). I ignore her but I'm tired of her treating me like shit. She even slammed the door on me in front of my teen sons and they became furious and told me theyre scared she might try and start something with me. I'm never going to react to her childish behavior but I'm getting pissed that my ex is letting her do this stuff. She even said infront of our kids that she didn't want them at his house during the week. Again he said ignore her... What should I do or say if anything? I'm too mature for this shit...smh


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  • The legal way to do it is to take him to court. Have the court put in the order that he picks the kids up at a disclosed location. Also have that the girlfriend can't be with him when he picks up the kids. I've seen it done. I work at a law firm.

    As a father that has to pick up his son and drop him off at his moms house I deal with this a lot. Her new husband gives me dirty looks and tries to intimidate me. I used to let him get away with it. Until one day me and my son had a bad day. Nothing we tried to do worked out for us or they were closed. I was in bad mood and the new husband tried some crap with me I stood nose to nose with him and gave him a piece of mind. He stepped back and wanted to swing at me. I told go ahead. I would have kicked his ass and had him put in jail. Then I would of had the leverage I needed to get primary custody of my son. My ex knew what I trying to do, so she stepped in and stopped him. Now he doesn't come to the door when I pickup/drop off my son.

    • I didn't know the courts could add that clause. I have tried to have her come to the kids therapy sessions so we can squash all of this but he says she's irrelevant and she's not coming. How is she irrelevant if she lives with you and your kids are telling you she's treats them bad. When she's not around he and I are fine. But when he has her it looks like he has to act like he hates me to k=make her happy. She smiles when he and I disagree or argue! Who enjoys that shit?! I hate drama...smdh

    • Just remember, in most states the court goes off of "in the best interest of the children" So if you can convince the mediator or judge that it is in the best interest that she is not around when you drop off and pick up the kids and you should do it in safe place. I recommend a gas station with a camera outside that is pointed at where the drop off and pick is taking place. In case something happens (she comes along to start something) you have it on video.

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  • Do this, Jk, I would talk to your ex, and use the fact that you have two children together, maybe get your kids to talk to their dad and have your ex husband let her know she needs to treat you with the respect you deserve.

    She sounds like a bitch, I'm guessing you didn't do anything?

    • I don't do anything becasue I was a kid of divorce and I hated when my dad's girlfriends treated my mom like shit and they fought. My ex's Girlfriend told him she doesn't want to be a step parent however she knew about the kids because she is the niece of a family friend. I don't respond to her childish stuff but what's pissing me off is how she's treating the kids. She only cooks for him and her and if the kids want to eat they have to ask him. She won't say good morning or anything to them.

    • What a bitch... hopefully their father will break up with her soon. Sounds like she doesn't have much of a future with him, it's a matter of when he dumps her.

  • Slap her. Like seriously, really hard. Some people need reality smacked upside their head.

    • LOL! Honestly I would if I had it in me but I hate drama. However my 17 year old daughter is at her wits end and says she's ready to stand up to her. She's just afraid that if she does her dad will stop picking them up for visits. He does that when they tell him she's acting up when they are there... I didn't realize that pussy could change a man so much and he would choose it over his kids...

  • Threaten to take your kids away from him if he doesn't act like a grown man and address it. It doesn't matter what he personally feels towards you in the privacy of his own mind, he shouldn't be allowing a girl who he's old enough to have fathered be disrespecting his children's mother in front of them. It's his house and his kids and he needs to be fixing the issue, not you. If he can't sort his problems out, your kids don't belong in his house, especially if she's mistreating your kids as well, in which case he's being negligent.

  • I would call her on it ASAP. "Excuse me. Is there a problem? I know you're feeling insecure about all of this. But you don't need to worry. This is something that needs to get done. If I still wanted your boyfriend I never would have left. The past is the past. The passive agressive behavior isn't necessary."

    • Every time I have tried to call her out on it he tells me she is no one and to ignore her. He even says it in front of her to which I said her self esteem must be shit. I'm losing all respect for him as a man and a father. My kids are to the point of telling her if they have to compete with her for their father then she can have him because they shouldn't have to compete for their dad's time and love with another adult. I keep them in therapy because it really affects them.

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  • shes reacting how a jealous teen would react because she's barely out of her teens and has never been in this kind of situation.

    she is literally jealous & suspicious when you guys get along and smug and catty when you guys dont. to be honest there's not much else you can do as she will insist on the passive aggressive games hoping to drive you and your kids away so she can have him to herself, just continue to be polite, get along with him in front of her no matter how hard it is and don't let her think she's getting to you

    it says a lot about your ex that he's gone for an immature 22 year old though, mid life crisis alert. I'm 22 and she's acting way way younger than me (like a 15 year old lol)


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