Does it still hurt when you see your ex(exes)?

The question is in the title. Do you feel your heart break a little again? Wonder what would have you two accomplished?
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  • Yes.

    Not because I particularly care about them, more because female attention is incredibly hard to come by.


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  • Nope, I have an awesome husband and couldn't be happier.

  • No but it depends on how long ago it was that you broke up and if you are with someone new now. If it was a long time ago and you are currently happy in a new relationship, it tends to not hurt to see an ex.

    Personally, I am still friends with all of my ex's - real friends as in we still talk to each other regularly. My heart doesn't break because the breakup happened for a reason and also because I'm happy with my new guy. I do not wonder what my exs and I would have accomplished together because that's simply not the way I think. If I do think about the future, it is only to think about what is in store between my current boyfriend and myself.

  • No because I do not contact them and I made the decision move on.


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