Does my ex-boyfriend still have feelings for me? He keeps trying to contact me

My ex recently started emailing me. We didn't speak for about 7 months. He left about 8 months ago. He immediately started seeing another girl. I do not know if they are still together at this time. He emails me Just random things he never brings up us or our relationship. He even told me how he's in college & interning at a vet near me & basically stated I should come there.. Like he wanted to see me. Then he started posting photos on Facebook of pictures of our friends and stuff that he knew that I would see even though I'm not friends with him on there. Photos that I took a long time ago. He then started liking things on my sister's Facebook page and they're not even friends on Facebook. Which means he searched for her and liked anything that he could see. Even if I don't email him back right away he emails me anything or asks me random questions. To start another conversation with me.

Then today I go to check my mail at my house & he dropped off sunglasses that I thought he lost long ago with a note that said " hi Rachel,

found these in my room OOPS! " ?Rob.

He's clearly trying to get my attention.

? I'm starting to think he still has feelings. How do I respond? Should I text him? He dosnt have my new #. We've only been talking via email for a few months. ..Does he still like me?

Should I ask him what he really wants?

We dated for 8.5 years.
* the note said love rob with a heart. If that matters, but it confused me when I saw it. He didn't have to drop those off or leave a note., idk
He just emailed me asking me of I had a new phone #!


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  • Yes, you should talk to him and find out what his motivations are. How do you feel about the possiblity of reconciliation?

    • Well. Months ago if he had done this I would have jumped at the chance to be with him again. Now I am a little weary ... Don't get me wrong I do still love him. I just cannot let him hurt me ever again.i have never felt such agonizing heartache ever. I am open to the possibility of reconciling. but he has said nothing regarding our relationship. No apology, no I miss you. Why do I have to be the one that asks & quite possibly get rejected again? Idk. Maybe he's afraid to even bring it up..idk

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    • Is that a good idea? Do you think he's just nervous? What do you think I should say?

    • Just say something like "hey, I noticed you've been contacting me a bit more than usual. Is there something going on? "...let him answer accordingly.

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  • Whatever you do. If he wants go get back into a relationship with you. You should make him work REALLY hard for it.

    Because if you don't. He will think he can break up with you, date another girl. And then come back to you without any consequences whatsoever.

    By not making him work, he wouldn't have had a 'punishment' for his little escapade. In his mind he just broke up with you, dated another and is now looking to come back.

    Make it clear that it's not OKAY to do that.

    Good luck.

  • Yes there is a fair chance that he still has feelings for you. What do you actually want? Would you want him back?

    • I miss him terribly. I do still care & love him. But he was with Another girl almost immediately after our breakup. Which me made me feel so insignificant and I felt so betrayed. Even though he had broken up with me I still felt like our relationship never even matter if he could move on so fast. I'm afraid to look like a fool and ask him what he really wants I'm just afraid that he's going to reject me again I guess.

    • Well I'm glad and sorry to hear that. Glad because of the nice times you must have had together and that you are able to care and love someone. I'm sorry however that you had to go through all this.

      I am prone do go for rebounds and I'm sure that I have hurt ex-girlfriends with this. This was however never my intention. I always just felt very alone all of a sudden and needed someone, anyone. These relationships allmost never work out. It never meant that I did not miss my ex.

    • yes , I agree on that , most likely the relationship he just got into when you broke up was nothing but a rebound and now he may have realized that you are the right girl for him

  • He is an Ex for a reason. Please move on.

  • Good line I once used and it worked and she came back "Hey I like talking to you but I am confused, you said you wanted us to be over, so why are you texting me still?"

    she confessed her love, and we had a nice 2 year horrible relationship :-)


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