"Ex boyfriend make contact and act in such way?

Why did or why would my

"Ex Boyfriend make contact and act in such way?

I haven't been with my "Ex" for close to 2 years now. We have text a bit, but maybe seen each other 3 or 4 times since. He is with someone and has been for about a year.

Well I have started to talk to this guy and have been for about 3 weeks, give or take. Well we were together the other night and I am guessing someone went and informed my "Ex" about for whatever reason, I don't know what for though.

Now tonight my "Ex" text the guy I have been talking to and the texts said this-

"Ex"- what's up?

New Guy - Nothing. Why?

"EX" - Well that's not what I heard, so what's up, tell me

"Ex" - Don't play stupid dude

New Guy - What is your deal man?

"Ex" - My deal? So I heard you been with "my name" lately

New Guy - Ya we been talking and hanging out some. what's your prob with that

"Ex" - My prob?..lol. Good f**kin luck man, Good f**king luck.

Why would my "ex" text the guy I'm talking to and spending time with and be so disrespectful and seem upset? He broke up with me and jumped into a new relationship right away and is still with her. So why does it matter to him who, what, or where that I talk to someone.

Please share your thoughts of all this. All this is bothering me and I can't stop thinking about this.

Thank You


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  • His behavior is not healthy regardless of where it comes from. His last comment seemed like an attempt to push him away from you. Whether he is jealous of the other guy or he wants to ruin your life, his intervention is not a good thing. It's probably best to get him back out of your life and those you care about both practically and emotionally.


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