Has anyone lied to their ex about having a boyfriend just to push them away?

So I liked to my ex about having a boyfriend.

the reason is, I just broke up with my ex and don't want my ex pursuing me.

My feelings dropped when he couldn't be there for me or wanted to go to counselling 6 months ago.

he didn't seem to care about the problems we had. I said I wanted to try. to me it seemed like he didn't want to try.

but anyways

anyone try this? obviously he isn't talking to me so it's good.


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  • Did you tell him about your feelings 6 months ago? You should always COMMUNICATE, especially about very very emotional things. Because your feelings might be wrong, it might be a misunderstanding.

    I have had this happen to me countless of times. If I hadn't continued to try and talk it out WHILST I was mad, I would have lost at least two very good friends.

    He's trying to get you back, so it must mean that he cares. Which means that the reason you were feeling uncared for, could have been a misunderstanding.

    • I did tell him 6 and 3 months ago , at least more than twice. There were a few issues we needed help on.

      I don't think he's pursuing me. I haven't seen him for weeks. I miss him but I have changed my phone and blocked him on Facebook.

      I was upset/ hurt by what his friends were saying about me (false and these were people that did not know me), meanwhile he did not stop them from saying / writing really bad names.

    • I know how frustrating it can be if people who don't know you are telling the person you care(d) for that you are not right for him/her. I have been through it and am still in it I guess.

      Good that you told him, at least there was a chance to fix it then.

      I don't know why they are badmouthing you, but I think they must be convinced you did something. Maybe he is too.

      You can either confront them (kindly) about it. And see where it goes.

      Or decide to let it be because you don't care.

    • I let it be and then I am talking to friends who are familiar with law. unfortunately they went into verbally abusing etc name calling etc taking my things. So there isn't much to talk about to be honest. I guess I should have broken up with him 6 months ago afterall

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  • No, I would just tell him I have no interest in talking to him and then I'd blow him off.


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