Ex doesn't know what he wants?

Ex broke up with me a month ago and still wants us to be friends but he still acts like we didn't broke up.

I asked him if he still want me back because if not I will let him go completely.

He told me he doesn't know.

I am now ignoring him.Then he started flirting with the women I hate infront of me and looks happier than before.

I think I just feed his ego with that question. Anyways what does his actions mean?


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  • it means he has no respect for you and thinks that you are needy of him and by treating you like dirt will make you want him more, but all you are doing is making him look good to the other women, so back off, guys like this don't deserve the talents of a woman,x


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  • He's probably still into you. One month is short to move on completely if he was sincere about you two.

    So maybe he tries to check his emotions by flirting with other girls.

    Or he makes you see it, so you can also be a bit jealous.

    It's one or the other, depending on who broke up, and why.

    • He broke up with me because I was jealous. He's now flirting the girl I was jealous of. She has a boyfriend. I think he's just trying to piss me off. :(

    • That's very possible then. He's very disrespectful, don't bother anymore.

  • His actions mean that he's not interested in getting back with you.


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