Is my exes new girlfriend a rebound?

So, my boyfriend (ex) and I were together for two years, and he happened to break up with me on a Monday, he had been spending a lot of time with his friends. And I could tell that things were starting to change with us, he wanted to go out more, he wanted to party more, and then suddenly we got into a fight, and the next day he broke up with me. I find out from a co-worker that he got a new girlfriend two days later. I don't know if she's a rebound or if they are actually going to last. It really scares me, because I do love him, I know I've heard it, don't waste your time.

And on top of that, I feel like he's kind of rubbing her in my face, he brings her into my work, (which is a casino) and they do whatever, and I just found out that they are going to a concert that he knows that I'm working. Is it because he's not over me either? I just don't know... Please help?


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  • If he's over you or not, it doesn't matter. He is with this other girl and SEVERELY disrespecting your healing process.

    What a douche for rubbing it in your face. And for picking the same concert that your going to.

    Has he talked to you at all?

    Best chance of healing (which is also the best way of him possibly coming back). Is by ACCEPTING the fact that he has left you for another and removing him from your life.

    Don't talk to him at all - go no contact. Heal from it.

    I'm 13 months out of my first breakup and it still sad how things ended. But she chose it, and I know that she still felt something for me, even still a couple of months ago.

    But there is no way I can get her back, she will have to come back herself. I have accepted that now.

    Hopefully you will reach that point soon too, without doing all the 'effort' to try and get him back, which I did. That only pushes them away I think.

    • I have not talked to him in almost three weeks, and it's been tough, but I'm doing it alright. I keep reading that no contact is the best thing to do, to do both, get over him and to have a chance of getting them back if it's what you want. And I understand what you mean, I've stopped trying and I've started to work on myself because only if I am happy with me, will anyone be happy with me. It just really hurts, and really bothers me. :(

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  • Do not try to read his mind...what you need to do is to accept what he is doing to you. He knows you are hurt and you still love him but obviously he does not care. He is being an ass. When he shows up just ignore or say hello with your nicest smile. Then do not call him or text him. See what happens. Let him know that you are OK without him.

  • Ask him, maybe she is a rebound


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