My crush likes me back but he is ashamed of it?


I wrote the details in the link provided. It has been so many months and I know that it's impossible between us, but I still love him :( What should I do to get over him?
@05Jueey yes he is immature and superficial, and conceited too, but in a cute way. I already knew that before he started ignoring me and saying sh!t stuff about me on the internet. But he has many other good points...and I never saw his 'flaws' as a bad thing until he did all these.


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  • I can't believe I just read all that lol. Young guys are often VERY concerned about what their friends think. If it's meant to be, it will be. I'm sure you'll encounter other guys that like you and you'll like them. And they won't be immature and superficial like this guys acting

  • Stop speaking with him.

    That's the only way you can get over someone.

    If the person is constantly there, then it's almost impossible.


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