What's the best way to resolve this situation with this guy?

I was seeing this guy for about 2 months. He was adamant he didn't want a relationship, didn't want a girlfriend etc, but still wanted the whole dates / wining and dining thing. I was fine with this because I'm only in this city for this year, so most relationships wouldn't have future.

Christmas break came, and we were still talking throughout that month but things were a bit distant towards the end. When term started again, I was looking forward to seeing him again but he said he was really busy with uni and work, and would have to wait till he'd finished everything. Said he would still definitely like to meet up etc when he had finished everything, but the deadlines he told me meant it would be about a month until he was done. During this month he was making very little effort text wise unless I started it, and we had no contact for weeks at a time. I got a bit drunk and kinda got into an argument with him (via text) which I know I shouldn't have done. I apologised and said I'd give him space until he wanted.

It's been two weeks now, and we've not spoken at all. I haven't seen him in 2 months, and things have been iffy for about a month.

At this point, I could be happy with any resolution, but I want closure. If he wants to end it, I want to know, and if he wants to try and fix things, we actually would have to try that. I know I've been too 'needy' in this, but he's also been too distant. Do you think I should just wait and see if he contacts me, or message him again, even though I said I'd give him space. Pretty sure his deadlines have finished, but I don't 100% know. Any advice?


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  • Since the two of you had plans to meet after his deadlines you have the excuse to ask if those are past and if he still would like to get together. His response or lack of response should tell you the answer. If he doesn't respond and you feel that lacks closure, you can write something to the effect that I guess you're not interested.


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