Ever been through a break up type situation you could never feel good about?

I've been through one last year and even though its been a few months I've never really been able to come to peace with what happened as I felt I was treated so badly and people involved were so rude . and I also liked the girl too and didn't see why we had to break up to begin with . but either way her friends were very rude to me and the way it all went down and very inapproiate and took place in public at a local bar . me and the girl weren't actually in an actual "relationship" but had been friends and sort of casually dating at time.

I don't know I've just never been able to feel good about this , have of course meet other girls since this happened and been trying to meet new people and such but what happened just was one of those things you don't feel better about over time . I don't know if this is common or something other people have experienced or my break up was just really bad situation I had to go through with that girl


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  • if it helps, counselling may help any feelings residual.

    we can't help what others do, their actions are not controllable.words hurt sometimes more than a swing of a bat to the head.

    every situation is different.

    at least you're out dating, some of us are still getting horrible words / names. If people have to result to hurting/ bullying others, they aren't any better than school children.

    in time, you will forget about those people. it's hard. with some of the ex I've had, they've hurt me pretty bad. I reflect and talk to my closest friends. I try to get advice from all sides. I tell myself it's not me, it is them. I was in a similar situation where I wasn't dating anyone, but my ex has low confidence. he flips out or enjoys controlling who I talked to.

    realize that they are showing their true colours and you just dodged a bullet


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  • i has met a boyfriend in a hotel in Turkey

    i love him but he was a kind of a playboy

    a lot different girls who he hanging out and the girls ar really beautys.. so I was a little jealous

    and I though first that he only want a night

    what I was thinking wrong.. and before I know that I have breakup with him


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  • Over thinking it is a waist of time , your competing with her friends etc just forget it , shit happens.


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