Should I call my ex or let it go?

We broke up 7 months ago, but maintained low contact. Recently, we gave things a second chance but old issues resurfaced and it failed really fast.

We haven't spoken in about two weeks. We were both angry and said nasty things, he hung up and suggested he didn't want to talk for a while. The past would indicate hell probably call me again at some point (this would be the third time he's acted like this), as we're also still Facebook friends. But in saying all this, I feel like I want to contact him to offer 'peace' as I have never been the one to back down from arguments and it wasn't all his fault.

I don't necessarily want to start a relationship again, but I realize we made great friends and I don't want to let that go even if we can't be friends right now. He did say maybe we could be friends when he last spoke.

So, what do you think?


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  • If you miss him, call him, lifes too short to be thinking what ifs and to have regrets

    My only advice is to keep contact to a minimum, I know what's its like with an ex that you still kinda have feelings for. If you talk to him everyday those feelings may return in full force and you may want to start over again...again. Its a vicious cycle. When an ex is still I'm the picture its harder to move on. So I would say to call him make the peace then leave it. An occasional hi is fine but anything more you'll start in that cycle again and its hard to get out of.

    Hope this helped

    Good luck


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  • I'm sorry to hear about the falling out.

    If it were myself in that situation, I would not bother.It's too much work for me to invest in a failed 'project'. I would make new friends. My problem with having ex bf's in close proximity, is my desire for privacy. If his friends also partook in any nasty things said, it's disrespectful. I wouldn't consider friendship till someone apologizes.

    maybe I'm too strict but if it's not meant to be, let it be.

    if there's no respect, it won't work out.

    benefit of no contact? no drama.

    I admit I've said nasty things to my ex, I'm not apologizing since it is his fault in some big areas.

    maybe what would help is to take the time to make a list of pros and cons.

    just make sure you're fully over any emotions if you do choose the 'friend' path.


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