How do you get over the fact a guy uses 'I don't want to hurt you'?

so I asked for the break and asked to break up with him.

he then uses this line, he calls me to meet up with me.

I told him I dind't want to talk to him.

all he wanted to hear was that I was 'hurting' as well.

this guy has been nothing but trouble for me and my family.


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  • Call the cops. It's time to get legal action


What Girls Said 1

  • why did you ask to break up? just curious...i don't ask permission because if he says no, well then I'm stuck aren't i.

    • i asked to break up because he left me to get beat up. and he ran away from defending me.

    • so don't ask, TELL. he doesn't seem to care about you much. he just wants to think he still has some power over you even if you aren't together.

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