What is my ex boyfriend wanting/feeling/thinking?

I just want answers no judging okay. Okay so last night my ex, his friend, and my friend hung out right and my ex was stoned, he got back into that once we broke up. And so they all went to smoke a cig and I didn't want to so he was going to just drop me off at my car and go with my friend and his to smoke weed. I decided to stay and everything despite that and so later on he drops me off and he was stoned and kept worrying about me not getting home safely and everything and so he told me to call him when I'm in my room and so I do and he said he wanted to do things with me and everything and have fun because that's what I wanted and I said is it too late and he seemed shocked. and so he's like are you sure and everything and I said yes and so je drove 20 min to pick me up and we went to our old spot. he kept saying how he just cares about me and didn't want to be responsible if I got hurt because he cared and stuff. So we decided to have sex and he was saying how its been forever and still made sure I wanted to. and so when we were, you know, he stops for a moment and comes closer and tells me he missed all of this and I said why you have other girls you can and he said he knows but... And stopped there. and then when I was on top he asked me about this guy I had sex with and he seemed almost upset in a way and that he wanted me to wait for him. and then when we were just messing around we kept bringing up the old times together and laughing and then he told me he loved me. but I know he might just be saying that okay but I don't know, he also wants to do this more often and hang out. okay but its weird because he can easily get another girl but he settles for me and everything. any thoughts?


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  • He seems to be still hung up on you. I assume that you still have similar feelings for him for all this to have happened. Before you do start over, ask yourself if the reasons that you broke up the first time will cause it to end again or can the two of you work past those. You might want to talk that through so that it doesn't haunt you again.


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