I told my ex I was having suicidal thoughts and he dumped me on the spot. Is this what all guys would do?

I suffer from depression. Although it's mild most of the time, there is day almost every month or every other month that it gets really, really bad.

Since we text all of the time, I usually tell him when I feel super insecure and depressed. The last two times, (two months ago and last week) he's dumped me. Both times through text.

The last time he did it, which was in November, he sincerely apologized. Because he said sorry, I thought when I was having suicidal thoughts I could confide in him.

He said that if I was going to say shit like that, then we wouldn't work out. It was the first day he was away at a new university, forty minutes away. He dumped me at two am, through text and hasn't contacted me since.

Would all guys react this way? We've been together for over a year, and I thought he actually loved me.


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  • he doesn't want to be in a relationship where he's constantly got to therapise you once a month for a few days and worry about what trivial (to him in his opinion) things you're feeling suicidal over and if you're actually going to do it. from his reposinse he thinks you're being melodramatic and I don't thin he has the patient empathising personality, he seems more of a focused person who sucks things up and has no time for weakness. he doesn't want to have to mother you and carry you all the time as you'll be less of a girlfriend and more of a burden he has to support

    • It sucks that you're a hundred percent right. That's him. The thing that bugs me is that I really feel like that and I can't control my depression all of the time. I want someone there when I slip up to say, "I love you. You're perfect in my eyes." He says that he said it once and it's stupid that he has to do it again. Do you think it's wrong of me to tell him how I feel?

    • not at all but I think itll fall on deaf ears and he won't care, sorry for the rubbish spelling I've been using mobile predictive text. he will know you'll do it over and over and he will just dump you again or snap at you and call you some nasty names like nutcase (you totally arent) I think the best thing to do here is leave him alone and find someone who has more patience, is kind and loving and supportive. he's got a jerk personality and its the last thing you need right now

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  • Most people cold not deal with threats of suicide After all, there is rarely much a boyfriend or a girlfriend can usually do about that...except ask the person to get professional help.

    Ad it's a fact that many people eventually go through with those ideas, even if they get professional help, and most people know that.

  • I never believe that anyone dumps another person just because of one reason. A lot of people do however act like that. What I am trying to say is that there were probably a couple of other things that did not work out between the two of you and maybe he was just looking for a reason.

    In the end he did find one that justifies his step without the need to do any introspection, it's an "easy solution".

    And no not al relationships are like that. A relationship can be very benefitial and healing for the people involved.

    I think it was a good thing of you that you were speaking about your suicidal thoughts. If you feel close to someone and if it is important for you to speak about it, why not do so?

    I'm sure you will end up with someone who suits you better. And I wish you all the best.

    • He said that was why though ... His text response to what I said was, "if you're going to say things like that, we are not going to work out. We can meet up when I come home next month or this summer to finalize it in a better way. As of now we are no longer going out. He went on to say it was ridiculous and he was sick of building me up. There were other things the first time.

    • Maybe your suicidal thoughts come from fear of abandonment which he did.Soeties depression comes from environmental situations.Once you heal from this you may find your depression fades and that he was the reason behind it.

  • The conclusion would be: wow, now that we're together, she's thinking about suicide. I must be a pretty bad influence, time to bail before shit hits the fan.

    • No. The reason it was so bad this time was because he made me get an abortion.

    • oh, well that makes things very different. He probably feels super awkward about that and is uncomfortable around you now. At least, I would be

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  • He doesn't seem very supportive.

    Why would you want a boyfriend like that?

    Doesnt sound like he is much of one in the first place.

    The time you need someone the most...is the time he pretty much tries to abandon you.

    Being in a relationship is about enjoying eachothers company as well as being helpful

    to one another.

  • Oh you poor girl. That's horrible thing to happen. At least you have some sort of reason some girls just get left. even if it was his bullshit excuse. Wot sort of man would abandon there girlfriend going through depression. He needs help. I really wouldn't b upset him karma will get him. And don't text a guy unless he text you first. You so need to read "why men love bitches". Oh and nen are from mars women are from venus. I no he will still hav feeling for you and if you really want him back no contact. Its like a game of push and pull the more you push the further he will go hide. Let him try contact u. I swear he will if you leave him alone and he thinks oh shit she dosnt care I better find oht why. He will then regret leavi g u. Gdluck.


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