Time to breakup with my bf?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years, the past 12 months or more has been pretty sh*t, after the first year he started talking about getting engaged, after that it's been nothing but a lack of effort on his part. He was hitting the gym pretty hard and taking steroids, lying to me about it, when I found out he stopped doing them, I supported him through an operation he had to have after that in regards to them. I forgave him. Then I find out nights he went out clubbing on his own he was meeting girls, and his friends had to tell these girls he had a girlfriend, he lapped up the attention, searched and attempted to add these girls on Facebook. This happened several times that I never knew about. Multiple girls he met from everywhere, he also would 'help' them out with stuff they needed even tho they never asked for it, and when confronted he told me he didn't find any of these girls attractive, and when I asked why he doesn't add any of my unattractive gf's on Facebook he quickly went and added a few. He also, DURING an argument we were having on the phone, made a dating profile on a website, deleted it two days later, I don't know if it's because he felt guilty or because he had to pay for any communication done. I don't believe he's cheated on me, but asking me to get engaged, then lying, then severely lacking any effort in the relationship then lapping up all this attention from other women.. Just doesn't sit right.. During that time I had to have an operation and get tested for cervical cancer.. He didn't even come with me.. He said because it seemed like I was handling it really well. I took a break from him and now he's been really good but I don't know if it will last. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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  • Why did you stick it out for a year after it went that bad? I mean, I get trying to work things out and all but a year of hell? I'd have been out of there about 11 months before now.

    • I really don't know. It's been my last year of university so I've been busy and not 100 percent focused on my relationship, and most of this stuff (other than the steroids) I've only found out recently, so it's a matter of do I allow what's past affect what is now.

  • He's a clown lol.. but seriously, you should break up with him :[


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