My ex bf's mom told me that my ex is talking to another girl?

it's been a little over a month since my ex and I broke up. He broke up with me for a silly reason ... because I went out while we were on a break ... then now he's telling me we broke up because of the distance and he doesn't trust me... his mother and I are close and she told me that he's talking to another girl ... this all adds up ... I was so hurt because I know that's the real reason why we broke up to begin with because he is complacent with someone else. I told him that I know of him and this other girl speaking and I know that's the reason we never worked out and he laughed and said OK ... that was the end of our conversation then I blocked him... I am very heartbroken.


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  • Sorry that happened. But at least you know the truth and can move on.


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  • Sorry this happened.

    Although his mom shouldn't be involved you deserve to know the truth.

    In due time your heart will heal.


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