Jealous Or Not Or Other ?

So my ex and I dated for about 2 months, are relationship was up and down, we were on and off three different time's. And at one point I remember on a weekend he and I met up to have a talk, and he said some thing's to me that was not nice/begin rude. So after that I decided to let go and give it to god and heal my heart and ask god to take him away. And he did.. so everything was fine until last year months down the road I seen him at work.. witch I know he works at the same job duh that how we met lol. BTW! we still didn't talk very much.. so weeks, months, days, went by. And months down the road we some how ended up talking again and getting close and hanging out, and making out and XYZ-- HAHA. But now in days that is old and when a day at work I see him and I talk to my other guy Co-Worker or worker's. He interrupt are conversation and calls the guy's name and talk to him for a bit. I thought at first when he start doing this it was funny, and it was kinda cute. But Like I said now and days it gets old. So what Do you guy's think jealous of Not and why dose he keep doing this? Thanks


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  • Sounds like he is, and for what its worth, by the sounds of it you were right to end things with him before. He doesn't sound like he adds any value to your life as a friend or something else, you may be better off without him at all if you can manage that.


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