Is this a rule in the "guy book" you should never do?

me and my ex was talking about getting back together. but this girl that stayed with him kind of sort of figured out what's going on. she was mad at me because he never cheated on me and so on. she aggravated me so bad one day, I sent her a 4 page text telling her what he had all told me and that was a true fact text message because it was really found to be true. now my ex isn't talking right now, I called him and he hanged up :( she pissed me off that day and I felt she was asking for the truth. he's been pissed since I sent the text message to that girl because he told me all those things. nows he's mad and not talking to me because he felt I was trying to ruin the thousands of dollars he was using her for. I can't help I know the truth. I called today he picked up the phone and said I don't wanna talk to you


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  • Um yea . . . he's using both of you . . . He tells you he's using the other girl for $$ so you stick around. He tells her (the new GF) that you only hang around because you are the CRAZY EX and that she can trust him! Ha, what a joke. Time to move on.

    • no actually we was broken up because I moved to another state and I came back I been dealing with him since. oh by the way that money she gives him comes straight to me. he tells her I'm crazy and this and that. I still comes over there and everything. the whole city know we still talking. he can tell her that he's going to his friends house, he be gone out of state. that's how easy she is. I been here so I don't stick around for anything. he tells me everything about her and he was mad when I told

    • if an ex is still involved in the equation he's using you more than the ex. he's not using me for nothing because I don't give him gold chain I don't give him anything. he don't ask me for anything so therefore I'm not getting used. I been here since day one. the only reason he using her because she live with him and give him 2 paychecks. I can't help he's about to breakup with her. she asked for hte truth I gave it to her

    • obviously you are defensive and young... Rudy37lee is right.. He's using you both. Just because you don't give him any material items doesn't mean he isn't receiving an ego boost from you.

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