I need a guys point of view for this please.

Ive been off and on with my ex boyfriend for the past year, and to make a long story short; Our last break up resulted in him leaving me and not saying anything. Infact what he did was go back to this girl he claimed was just a friend and told her how " I left him, and that she was such an amazing women that they were going ghost together.

Now this all happened because I was sick of him adding me on fake accounts to talk to me on Facebook, but then refused to add me on his real account, which the girl happened to be on.

Ever since he and I were together I had always got a bad vibe from the chick, not to her personally, but I would just have this hunch that he has been trying to get with her under my nose. Since I've known of her existence he has kept her and I on different Facebook profiles, and I started to grow suspicious very early. After our final breakup I just said forget it and if he wanted her he could have her. It wasn't easy though, and I've spent the last two months picking up the pieces of myself.

Not to mention; The term "going ghost, I looked it up on google and the definition hurt a lot to read.

Skip to now its been two months and I've managed to once AGAIN pick myself back up. So much that I even considered casual dating, I've always subconsciously saved myself for him hoping he'd comeback, but not anymore. I want to see and get to know other guys, and its been good so far. But here's the thing, every time I try to move on from him and see other people, he randomly pops up on my Facebook and sends me a message apologizing for leaving me and everything he did. Then he gives me his number wanting me to call him... I'm just like huh? A few months ago it was like " f*ck you and its on to the next chick. Why does he keep coming back every time I decide to see other people and move on? One again I checked his profile and only one friend is added on it, so its yet another fake account. I'm tired of that crap, I just wish he would leave.


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  • You need to move on now. Block him out of every existing connection that you have. Out of site out of mind.

    That sick type of relationship is hard to heal from. Not so much from him which is strong but more so than yourself emotionally.

    You sold yourself out every time you even considered of wanting him back. You broke up the first time for a reason. The reason didn't change neither did he. You did. You gave more of yourself and standards away. Each time it was on and off and repeat. That's how unhealthy that relationship was. Don't blame yourself you got con'd over and over. And almost again. Lol.

    You are going to need a lot of time alone. Single to find yourself and get morally balanced again. So you can see what doesn't feel right. And be smarter when seeking for Mr. Right.

    Just don't seek now. You deserve to treat yourself to get to know yourself.

    Start bye thanking God that ,THAT relationship is finally over ! For good !

    • thank you for BA and good things are in your near future once you are OK being you again:),

    • Your welcome! thanks for the advice :)

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  • Block every fake account you know of. Set your profile so only friends can message you. Block his # from your phone.


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