Is it possible that their many people that don't want a couple together and use statics to break them up

I know some people don't usually care for people that may be dating. So the most I would see is that they just voice their opinion.

But is it possible that their many people that would go out of their way just because their bored, find it fun or really just want to break them up rather to get back at one of the persons rather it they make it look like one been cheating, craft pics, use spoof apps etc.

Im just wondering since this is what I'm hearing for a friend and what she going tho. I can see it go either way tho Because the story so well done that either people can be very horrible to each other or the guy just a lier and a cheater.


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  • If I understood you correctly, then I would consider both options, weigh it with the likely hood, the evidence, his personality, and circumstance.


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