Why my ex boyfriend act like I was not there?

Today in school my ex boyfriend hugging others girls as a friends. But my ex boyfriend NEVER hugging me as a friends and also when he talk to other people like his friends he act like I not there

Why do he do that to me ?


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  • i read your comment as well...depends on how and why you guys broke up. If you cheated on him I can see why he is mean (not saying you did just using that as an example). But to your question, he could of just...changed. Also depends on how long ago you guys broke up.

    • We'll he said that we are friends but he act like we are not and also we broken up almost 3 years now

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    • It's okay it's all his problems because is not my problems and thanks

  • Or he still like you or he is resentful

    • Oh okay but also my ex boyfriend is really mean to me and when he talk to his friends he act like I was not there

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