He asked me "what do you think of this story ?"

Hi :)

First, sorry for my English I'm French.

I dated a guy for a month but nothing happened between us.

It was a misunderstanding.. I'm shy so he thought I wasn't interested.

We had an argument when I knew that he was dating a girl, and he said "I thought you were uninterested because you were acting very distant". I said to him to not contact me anymore and he answered that he'll "respect my decision".

A year later I wished him "happy new year", then we had a brief conversation on fb.

The next day he added me on fb. Then a month later he sent me a message to ask "Hey Ms Future Judge ! How are you ? So what do think of this story?".

I don't know what to answer... I want to be honest and said that I was stupid, but I don't want to sound desperate or needy. Help please !


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  • No, you were right..he should have known you were just shy. It wasn't meant to be!

    Often fate makes decisions for us; they are always good decisions, even if we don't understand the 'why' of them.


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