I ignored him, but now I want to be friends...how?

end of October I decided I wanted nothing to do with guys, including guy friends, because of the way I had been treated. and my best male friend shared a lot of the same interests as my most recent ex, which made it especially easy to ignore him.

a few weeks later a female friend calls me to say he had contacted her, worried about me. I told her to tell him that I never wanred to speak to him again. ever. "because he reminds you of your ex, right?" "that's the main reason." "that's what I told him."

so now it's almost February and I miss him. I feel bad for ignoring him and want to contact him and apologize. what would be the best way to do this?
i was about to get his number when I remembered he's a truck driver. and I don't have a working cell phone. so I have a high percentage of not being able to reach him, and him me. but I'll still get it I guess.


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  • Get his number from your friend. Call him. If he doesn't pick up tell him that you need to talk.


  • Contact him and apologize.

    • what form of contact?

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    • i don't have his number I erased it...should I ask my friend to get it?

      thinking about it I only have his Facebook really. and I stopped using Facebook back then too.

    • Yes, ask your friend.

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