Contradictions? his behavior and talk doesn't match?

i am pretty confused at the moment.

my ex is in contact with one of my closest friends and vice versa. we however have no contact. our break up also ended rather ugly in he just deleting me everywhere.

i got to know that he kind of says hateful things about me now, and also claims he stopped loving me a while ago and that we were never matching anyway, that he thought I'd be different and am too much of a 'good' girl. he told his friends two weeks ago totally different things though. (that we would have gotten back together for sure etc, if I would have given him enough space to himself . I actually never was that clingy before , until I felt like losing him, guess that made it worse...)

the weird thing is, he does know what I am doing and how I am feeling now . he claimed towards my friend, that his friend showed him convos with me. I don't think she would show him without him asking for it though. she told me he talks with him on daily basis but never about me? somebody explain?:( why would he ask or want to know what I am up to?

also he says he is afraid of running into me somewhere but plans to visit matching friends in my hometown, and goes partying at my usual spots ... it just seems provoking. and it feels weird for me to stay at home now. he is intruding my area so why should I hide ?

also even though he wanted to concentrate on himself more for studies and his job, he just seems to be on weed daily now. and tries to meet as many people as possible now. I just think he tries to get rid of free time in which he usually would think things over. but why would he need that ? he claims to don't care about me and being happy now.

in fact I still love and miss him a lot, and I think his friend probably told him. I am sad and disappointed too though . and I think about everything a lot, but for me the things he apparently says and then how he acts are just not matching?


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  • From what your saying, I picture him like a weed smoking, long haired arrogant donkey... But he's trying to show you he's changed and he wants you back, while at the same time, playing hard to get. ignore him, and pretend you don't know him, Or, confront him, do whatever your comfortable doing, don't let him control you and your life.


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