Does my boyfriend have others?

I am a Chinese, there are is my First time to date with a foreigner who comes from NZ.We have dated almost 6 months..But he never introduce me of his friends,and never kiss me or hold my hands in public,I am so confused! But when I ask him whether you have dated the others,his answer always "NO,just you.." And when I go to his house,I can see some female items such as The women's skin care products, perfume, even the sanitary napkin! I don't want to ask him about it anymore..And his reply my massages is slowly and even didn't reply sometimes!What Can I do ? Who can help me !

Shall I ask him? I don't want to brenk up with him.He said he love me before but I don't believe it!


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  • You could always ask him for an explanation about all the female products at his place. That does sound a bit strange. If he has a reasonable explanation, well good. If he does not...

    "I don't want to brenk up with him.He said he love me before but I don't believe it!"

    I know you don't want to break up with him, but why would you want to stay with someone you can't trust? I may not be right for you. But I have good news, Sukibebe. The world is stocked with many good men (just ask my mother, she married one)! If the guy you're dating isn't right for you, I believe you'll find another. You're quite beautiful and you're young and you seem willing to take a chance on love. Respect yourself, Sukibebe, if the New Zealander isn't right for you. Do what you know you must. Assuming that's actually you in the picture, I think you'll melt a good man's heart. You take care now.

    • I'm sorry, I meant to say "HE may not be right for you."

    • Oh..thanks for your answer,I will try to ask him about that,but I don't know how to start the quesion,

      Yeah..there is so many good man, but that's hard to break up with him,but thank you,I will make a dession!

    • Sometimes you have to come right out and say it. Good luck!

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  • best guess is that he's been inviting girls over =/

    Poor gurl...

    There are a million guys out there that's much better than him. Who wouldn't hold their girlfriend hands like seriously -_-

    Hes cheating on you by the looks of it

  • Bluemax is right.

  • sometimes I do...


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  • Who does he live with? The girl things there is kind of wierd.

    • he live alone...So wierd..I don't know what to do now

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    • are right.maybe I should talk to him with that,or I should break with him,but that's a hard decision..I am lost now

    • since those girls don't look like they are just there for a day once a year or month it seems like they need to leave stuff there they use often like they live there often. that doesn't really sound like a ideal boyfriend thing to do. Is he super great or something super special about him for a reson you are staying with him? :O

  • Is he a cross dresser


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