Ex moves on but wants me?

So I'm completely new to this but I'm at a dead end I'm so confused and would greatly appreciate some advice on my current situation, my ex and I were together 7 years got together at 14 and have had many tough times along the way we have always come out stronger and always remained very much in love, we had our son last year and although overjoyed with him working long hours and the stress a new baby brings we called it a day the arguments became to much and we became two passing ships all we wanted to do was sleep when we had free time, we've been apart a year now and I still love him he tells me he loves me and saw us one day working threw things, however a couple weeks back I found out he's been seeing someone for a few months it was a shock as I had no idea but from what I gather it seemed pretty serious as soon as I found out I spoke to him about it obviously he can do what he wants he's a single man but I was annoyed he hadn't told me, as soon as I confronted him he was full of apologies and now tells me he wants me back no one can fill my shoes and he was trying to replace me we spoke for a few hours cried and hashed out everything that's happened but I'm so confused why now does he want me, why if he loves me see someone else and now I've found out want me back, would appreciate another perspective in this as I am rather baffled!


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  • Maybe he's had a change of heart. Maybe dating that other girl made him see how much you mean to him.

  • Well he may love you but if it doesn't seem like reconciliation is going to happen soon he probably just went for something that was available. Essentially what I'm saying is it sounds like he is sort of just seeking some partner for the time being

    It's an interesting place you find yourself in because I'd be asking a similar question...

    If he loves me so much why would he be with someone else?

    why wouldn't he just make the effort with me?

    If I were you I'd really want to see, through actions and not just words, that he truly loves you. So that would probably entail, him not hooking up with other women as a start. Then it's a matter of working through the issues in your relationship.


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