Do feelings fade for all guys?

Last night my co worker who is older (67) told me when a guy leaves a girl he misses her for about 2 months and then that's it she's just like a normal girl again.

Is this true for all guys? Because I've been missing a guy for abou 5 years. I mean it's really killing me as a female. So guys do you forget about girl after about 2 months of breaking up? This guy told me he could leave his wife and after 2 months he wouldn't miss her anymore. Like what the heck?!


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  • Are we plants that just die after being out of the sunlight for two months?

    Do not lump us all into the same mold.

    I am 34 years old, and I still think about a crush I had when I was a child. She is gone forever, but I want to weep over what could have been.

    Sorry, but that's a load of crap. It might be true for some guys, but if he truly loves his woman, if he aches for her heart, longs to be close to her (I do not mean sex, but yes, I also mean sex.) then he can die inside every day he is not with her. Not near her.

    I am talking to a Belorussian woman for one and a half years. I told her, she better be ready to have me by her side at all times. I never want to be away from her. I don't want to go to work, hang out with friends. I want to be with her. I want to rub her feet, massage her body. I want to watch movies with her. I want to show her how to work on cars. I want her to be by my side at all times.

    When I meet her, if we are compatible, there won't be "Leaving her". My soul will long her hers like a man dying in the desert desires a tall, cool glass of pristine water.

    So no. Not all men "Just forget" about a woman after two months. Not if he truly loves her.


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  • "Forget" isn't really the right word more of acceptance of the situation. This acceptance comes quicker if it was the guy who broke it off with the girl because towards the end we know how it is going to end. We accept that their is nothing more that can be done and move on. When the girl breaks up with the guy it takes longer due to the fact that the break up is a shock. However it will eventually end the same way of accepting the situation. What I think they mean by forgetting is that the thought of that woman will no longer dominate their thoughts.

    This happened when my ex of 2-1/2 broke up with me. For two months she was all I thought about but I got over her and accepted that it was over. I haven't forgotten her but she isn't in every thought of mine.

    Also note that those two months are pure hell for a guy. For me I honestly was indifferent to living, life and death became equally good states of being.

    Just remember each person is an individual and has their own way of dealing with a break up.

  • I do see credence in that statement. Of course ot is easy to make that claim that oh I lover her to death amd I will die without her. But look around you, listen to people, listen to first or third peraon stories and you'll see that men find it easier and much quicker to find another one.

    Sorry to those who disagree ! I may be passionate but I do not live in the Mills and Boon world.

  • I tend to get over women pretty fast. I was with a girl for a very long time and it was tough getting over her but I'm so over her now.

  • Not if he loves her. Men develop feeling for women just like women do for men, and losing someone we love is just as hard for us as it is for you.

  • That man is correct. Of course, there might be some rare exceptions.

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