Thug republican congressman Michael Grimm threatens to break reporter in half?

Republican Congressman Michael Grimm threatened NY1 reporter Michael Scotto on LIVE television after the State of the Union 2014 on Tuesday. Scotto asked the GOP Staten Island Rep. about a scandal and the Congressman threatened to throw the reporter off the balcony and "break him like a boy"


What are your thoughts on this? Looks like even reporters need to arm themselves in case these wannabe gangsters come at them. He has a history of being a thug, yet the party still embraces him. Doesn't he realize that emulating Al Capone when you're a U.S. senator is retarded? Some of his colleagues on the right need to step up and put the leash on their dogs. When you look at the history of this guy, what he did to this reporter is mild in comparison


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  • I would hope US Congressmen would have thicker skin and not act like an NFL player after winning a playoff game.


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  • The reporter didn't know when to shut the hell up. Grimm walked away but the reporter wouldn't take no for an answer. It was his own fault.

  • hes a republican which makes him scum by default. what do you expect?

  • Hm... I think I should send a donation to Rep. Grimm's campaign...

    • His campaign manager was arrested on fraud. You'll have to wait a while.

  • "break him like a boy" sounds ghey as hell. Not that there's anything wrong with it.


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