I'm just wondering why my ex is doing this? please answer.

We broke up about three months ago he's got a new girlfriend too. He watches me from down the hall or looks at me when I go up stairs and stuff but when I'm near him like standing next to him in my group ( his girlfriend is gone for this week and he used to hang around with us ) he won't even look at me. I did the same thing back of course. He even got up and went over to his friends that were a few feet away. All I'm really wondering is why will he watch me from afar but when I'm near him its like I'm not there?


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  • Sounds like he is trying to give you space and move forward. It's always a little awkward around exes at first until you can redefine your interaction as friends or not. give it time, do your thing and put it out of your mind. if you end up connecting again as friends great, if not that's life and there will be many others who come and go.


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