Should I call to apologise?

I broke up with my ex 7 months ago because we fought too often. We had a brief period of no contact, but eventually he started talking to me again about once a week. We decided to give things another go about 2 weeks ago, but I bought up old issues and we ended up fighting again. He hung up on me saying we where done. The thing that started the fight was I said 'don't let me regret giving you another chance'. Looking back, I can see it's hurtful so I feel like I should apologise. On the other hand, he said a lot worse to me once the fight broke out.

Should I apologise or just let it go? I feel like he may contact me at some point (this is the third time he's hung up saying were over but he tends to come back) but I'm not sure. I feel like it's probably my turn to reach out, as I do feel I said the wrong thing. I feel conflicted about it and don't want to look ridiculous! Help!


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  • If you feel like you should apologize you should probably apologize, hopefully he will be as mature as you and apologize back. Think hard on if you actually want to pursue a relationship though, I'm not sure if that's what you're really asking on advice for.

    • Thanks, as for pursuing a relationship,in my heart I do want to continue things but in my head I know well only ever end up here. I think that's a lot of my would be easy to just let it go here but I struggle to do it.

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    • Cool :) I'll figure out something to say. Thanks for your help, I've been thinking about it for ages haha!

    • Don't think too long, good luck.

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  • well , it is said everywhere that any couple trying to get back shouldn't get into the serious talk or the blaming on the past part unless it is more than maybe a month of sweet talk and understanding , so you shouldn't bring that up so early and now yes you should apologize , just text him '' I am sorry and I really want to work this out '' , I think it will make him cool off


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