Is my Ex boyfriend just trying to hook up with me for Valentine's day?

I have an ex boyfriend who comes and goes from my life when he feels like it. I've tried to work it out with him many times, but it always ends in the same result. In fact after he pulled a disappearing act on me last time I saw him talking to another chick about leaving me alone for good. That didn't last long, a few days ago he came back claiming to miss me, and wanting to be here for me on my birthday... uummm my birthday isn't for another three months, but oh ho Valentine's day is in a few weeks.

Two years ago when he and I were a real couple before all the bullshit, we had a great Valentine's day and ever since then he's been trying to "relive that moment" between us. He tried last year but we broke up, he even tried through out the year stating we needed a make up session; I honestly think he just wanted sex lol

Im honestly done with his ass and his lies no longer work, I've moved on from the relationship, but we talk on a mutual level. We were talking about what we were going to be doing the next few weeks and he asked me to be his Valentine. lol

It all adds up, If you wanted to apologize why wait till the end of January to do it? hasn't stopped him before. Just need someones intell on this.

He keeps trying to give me his number, and really wants to talk to me on the phone, not going to happen.


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  • So what's the question? This guys behaved badly countless times but all of a sudden the stars have aligned and he's different? Come on! You're smarter than that. You don't need reassurance on a website, ignore him and make him disappear from your life

    • You are 10000 percent right on this, sometimes I kinda question my thoughts, so I thought id ask, still thanks for being so blunt :) Helps out alot!

    • Trust yourself! You answered your own question in your question. Good luck!

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  • Yes, you need to be done with him. Like, done. If he was the last guy alive, you are still done. Do not flirt with the feelings you have for him that prevent you from doing it. Just do it. He might flatter you with words and needy body language, but he will forever be a seesaw, including if you married him. Let him go, tell him no.

  • If there is any question here, I believe you've already answered it.

    • Yeah I see that now:)

  • Yes.


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