Broke up because of the Army?

I don't know what to do. My boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me because he is in the Army, his future is unclear, he's too far away, and says he can't do a relationship right now. But he tells me I'm perfect and he hates the thought of me with someone else. He says he still cares about me and wants me to be happy. I don't know what to, We're just friends now, but he says he can still take me on dates when he comes home. Any advice here would be great.


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  • To me it seems like he broke up with you because of you. Like he thought it would be better for you. He's going into the army and when he said his futures unclear maybe he said that because he has a high chance of dieing. That woukd be very hard on anyone if there boyfriend passed. he be far away and all you would do would be worrying and missing him and like you said he wants you to be happy. And I think he knows being a army girlfriend isn't easy. It sounds like he cares about you a lot and I think that was a very romantic, selfless thing to do. When your in the army, you don't really have anything and a girlfriend or something could be that hope that helps you push through everday, so I deffently dint think he broke up with you because he's happier without you. What your suppous to do? That's really up to you, but I think there's more to it then you think for the reasons he broke up with you.


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  • I think it's time you move on. Even though he hates the thought of you moving on, how long would you be willing to wait for him?

  • lol... I spent time in the army and it's a lot that goes on. He telling you I'm over here being young an having fun. I have no time to be thinking about you getting mad at me because I want to mess around with these young ladies over here. But, I don't want you to mess around because when I come home on leave I want to be able to mess with you too with no strings attached.

    the best thing is to be young have fun and move on with your life... Close that chapter and maybe later introduce him an a later chapter of your life

  • Move on.


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  • So he wants you to be "faithful" while he's unsure of what he wants? LMAO. NOPE. If you want to wait for him, that's noble but.. he's said he's not sure of what he wants? Distance or time is NOT the issue.. and neither is him being in the army...the issue here is that he's not sure if he want's you or not... but he doesn't want you to be happy or find happiness apart from him? sounds like a controlling manipulative crazy nut job.. good luck.

    • Well he's fine with me moving on, he just isn't happy about it. He knows he has no right to stop me from moving on after he is the one who called it off. He says he doesn't know what he wants. I know he still has scars from his last relationship, I'm just not sure how much of an issue that is.

    • Oh OK. Yeah, if he brought up the ex.. he still wants it.. Go find a person who wants you and not their ex, that's your best bet for happiness.

    • He didn't bring her up... just I know there are still issues. She was his first love and I get that he still wants the best for her, but it didn't end well. He has all this pressure on him from his family not to be in a relationship and pressures from the army. Its all very complicated. The girl he use to date is my sister, and his best friend is going to marry my other sister. It's crazy.

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