Ex boyfriend refuses to remove pictures and videos of myself from his Facebook.

I am concerned about privacy. I also have asked him to and a couple of my family members also have asked for him to remove those.

In addition, I have blocked him otherwise I could have marked it as taking my 'intelligence property' Facebook.

What exactly does he gain by keeping them up? it just shows he's clingy and stubborn. Is there a case where you can sue them, if they still do not take them down?


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  • I don't know your laws but here you're not allowed to upload anybody's material without their consent. Such a permission can then be withdrawn at anytime and the material has to be removed immediately upon request. This right can be enforced by sueing somebody who spreads material of yours without your consent.

    I think you can sue him. Ask a lawyer to first write him a letter and give him a last chance - it's way cheaper than taking the whole road already...


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  • Send an e-mail to Facebook explaining exactly what is going on and exactly what photos/videos are concerned. They should be able to remove them.

    You can find the link under the "Report a problem" heading. It's under the options ICON at the top of the page (the gear looking thing) Beside Home Find Friends etc.


    • I've tried that twice. I think I'll have to unblock the sucker, and then mark it as spam. then block him again

    • I don't know about that.

      I did send them a message one time and it was about 2 weeks before I got any response from them. If it's been longer than that for you, ya try the unblock thing.

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  • does it to piss you off.


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