I'm a cancer patient dealing with some shit. How do I keep from going crazy?

This is about a girl. We parted ways three months ago after I made my feelings for her known and she didn't feel the same. I got the cancer diagnosis a month later. All of our friends are still mutual. I can't avoid seeing or hearing about her, yet I still need the support of my friends. For the next several months I will have to deal with running into her while visiting my friends. I can't just ask to not see her. How do I deal with this and how do I keep myself from either being angry or redeveloping feelings for her during this lonely time?


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  • I would avoid talking about her to any mutual friends, because you want to move on.

    or try to make a new set of friends. try to make it so they're places, she can't go to if it's possible.

    I've been lucky not to bump into my ex. he knows where I like to go and I make an effort to have a more irregular schedule for outside activities (outside of work)


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  • Of course you can; you can tell your friends not to mention her in front of you and vice versa. If you can't do that, you must swallow your pride and just let it go. You need to focus your energy to fighting the cancer. You don't need this drama. I know you're scared and lord knows I have no idea how lonely you feel because of this disease, but I do know you have to concentrate yourself and collect positive energy. I wish you the best of luck, and don't give up!


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