What should I do about ex?

Yesterday my ex of 4 years came by with his new girlfriend. We've been broken up for some months now. I broke up with him because he cheated on me several times. I let people know about what happened when they asked. He was visiting my brother in law with his girlfriend when I came into the living room he all of a sudden looked intimidated by me and with a scared face. Should I tell his girlfriend that he's a cheater?


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  • AWW.. nope, just forget about this baby.. lol.. too icute though <3... <3

  • If you do tell her, you have the risk of causing a lot of drama between you, her, and your ex. That's definitely something to consider. If she stays with him long enough, I'm sure she'll find out eventually, ESPECIALLY if they hang out with your family and the people you've told that he's a cheater.

    • Well my sister and her husband both are covering up for him. I know messed up family. They were both there the first time he did it and now will deny it. Her husband and his friends who my ex became friends with cheat on their wives. My sister goes with anything her husband says and she believes these other guys. She feels they are her friends but in reality they are her husband's friends. They tell each other things that they will never tell their own husband. I caught on after I broke up with

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    • tell her anything and she asks me why I don't tell her anything. Sometimes I feel if she was a friend I wouldn't want her as one. What a coincidence that this happened with her best friend where one of my bro in laws friends cheated on her. What did they do? They went to a party of her friend's ex that was ordained by his lover.

    • ****They tell each other things that they will never tell their own wives. My sister has always had this idea where you should trust men more than women. I trust anyone who is honest I don't choose any genders on who is more trustworthy.

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