Why is he doing this it's been 3 years?

Ok my ex of three years has been calling and texting that he wants us to get back together. He broke up with me three years ago... I just ignor his texts But recently he sent me one asking for us to see each other and talk about it. Well I don't even reply then he sends me another one asking if I can come over and talk to him about getting back that he misses me and needs me in his life. Again I never responded. Then I received the last one saying well I really can't take anyone seriously right now because he had a Daughter and that he had her every weekend and that she was important in his life. Well Hell I don't bother this guy nor do I answer his texts. He has been doing this for over a year now and I just ignor his message and calls yet he doesn't get the point. Why is he doing this jeez.. One time also said that he didn't think I could have anyone Because I had gained some weight and was getting a lot older...i was like Hello really..Then why is he bothering me?


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  • He's putting out minimal effort hoping you'll bite. It only has to work once.

    I think you should reply once to tell him to stop texting you.


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  • there is a couple reason why a guy would do this

    1. he's wondering if you are seeing an he's sendiing out feelers.

    2. He want to engage in conversation

    3. he's trying to keep you thinking about him so, you will always have him on your mind. it may cause you to second guess your next relationship... if it was a bad breakup he want you to forgive him.

    • Months ago I told him that I forgave him. But that I wanted him to leave me alone. And Yes it was a really bad break up left me for no aparent reason.

    • so, he still beleive your upset him because you want nothing to do with him. you rejecting him an he can't handle it when he's alone an thinking about it so he reaches out to you. so, you have the upper hand an he don't like that because you moved on an he truly haven't

    • Well so true I guess no one likes rejection. But I am passed that I just want him to leave me alone. They say you don't no what you really have until its gone. Thank you

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  • because he's insecure and desperate -> that's probably why you're not with him anymore. plus, all the bitchy remarks about you not having anyone because 'fat and old' are just plain childish, and an attempt at manipulation in order to make you feel weak and insecure just as much as he is. that's why.

    • Yeah you have a good point. It just bother me that he will text and say that he wants to work things out yet I don't respond. Then he turns around and texts that it is better that we aren't in a relationship. Like I was the one calling and texting him when its not true..

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