Is it wrong to have a relationship with an Ex's that you've NEVER met cousin?

Hey ppl, I know this question sounds really weird but it's true, I've actually have never met my Ex-boyfriend. We met over a phone chat group and our relationship begun from there. We just texted and called each other and eventually grew to love each other over the phone. However our over the phone relationship ended badly, due to him accusing me of cheating and being a deceiver, claimed he has his sources and found out stuff about me, despite having never meeting me. I was atonished, because I absolutely was not cheating on him. But he was somehow convinced I was a deceiver: (

I was heartbroken, I didn't know how something so wonderful could go so wrong!

So after a while his cousin who I met to try and make some sense of this, we got together and started dating. He told me my Ex was nothing but a dirty womanizer and really doesn't want anyone ;and that's just the way he is. Of course I was a hesitant about being with this cousin due to the family relationship and not wanting to hurt my Ex, but he was so charming and really made me feel loved and respected. And best of all he never judged me, despite my Ex warning him about my supposedly manipulative personality. I love this cousin and he loves me, I never intended to hurt my Ex by being with his cousin, but he ended our relationship and never had an interest in actually meeting and getting to know me in person. Instead, he listened to so-called sources (my ex is a solider) and judged me. And it hurts because I know who I am, and who is he to label me as a deceiver without ever actually meeting me? It hurts!

I sometimes feel like such a slut being with his cousin,but be assured I really do care for him and so does he. Am I doing the right thing? ?

Im with the cousin, my boyfriend because I love him and he makes me feel wholesome. Is that such a bad thing? Am I a slut? Should I end my relationship? I don't want to, but I more want to do the right thing!

Please give me your advice!


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  • its kindve were you talking to his cousin before or after you were talking to him, if you noticed his cousin from his Facebook or something and he messaged you that would be bit weird honestly.


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  • No, it isn't wrong. It makes you happy, sometimes we need to put aside these kind of thoughts and just be happy.

    • Thank you:) I tend to always worry about hurting others, that I just want to try my best to be on the right track. I had to get some advice on this, because it was really bothering me.

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