His friends keep wanting to hang out even though we are over...

I fell for the guy who I thought would be the one I marry. He was everything I have ever wanted. His family is amazing and so are his friends. We dated off and on for about four years. He told me he sees a future together and he called me his wife a lot. His friends started snap chatting me and I told them we broke up. (He got drunk and kissed another girl. He said he needed a short break to get his head on straight. Two weeks ago) They were shocked and said they never saw it coming.They said that they would ask him how I was and he said I was his dream girl and everything he could ever want. I want him back more than anything, but he won't text me back. His friends have been texting me and inviting me to hang out with them without him. They have both said he was dumb for leaving me and that he made the biggest mistake in his life. His dad was even calling me his daughter-in-law. I really want him back, but should I be talking to his friends? How can I get him back?


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  • Every relationship has it's ups and downs. It was his mistake to kiss another woman and his friends are right about that. His friends really seem to care about you. Why would you want to lose such great friends? I'm also not sure how you could get him back. If he said he needed a short break, then maybe give him some more time. Him, his family and friends seem to have connected with you very well, he might just come back on his own. We never know now, but time will certainly tell.


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  • Talk to his friends and see if he changes his mind.


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