Since a guy said this, do you think he's about done with you

my friend broke off our friendship after I opinion'd this situation. here is what she said

me and my boyfriend who live together, got into an argument over his ex girlfriend for the one billionth time. so he posted a graphic image on instagram and he said " if you make a left you would see where you had me fucked up at", "let me show you!" he got pissed off because I was arguing with his ex and I told her where she stay and some more stuff. I don't get this situation at all between him and his ex at all. after she sent me a text he quit talking to her after a year of begging her. even though they argue everytime, he still protects her. when I was arguing with her yesterday, he left me alone in the argment. so it was just me doing the argument. now today he posted that in his own words on instagram. we been arguing over this since it happened. he wouldn't take me over his ex house or anything. I had to find out where she stay at my own self, and he got pissed about that. she calls him all the time. I had to beg him to quit answering her in front of me. all they do is argue. he passes me the phone when she calls now.he talks about her disrespectfully towards me. all he do now is let the phone ring. the times he do answer her, he picks up and say "stop calling me trick" and hangup the phone. after she sent me that text weeks ago, he quit talking to her. but he refuses to block her number, change his number. he refuse completely. he protects her completely. I don't get it because all they do is argue. I talked to him about this and I can't even get the truth. he told me his ex was just a f*ck to him. he brokeup with her and a month later we began dating. this has been going on throughout the entire time. he even said they never even had a relationship together, they just had sex together and she just sprung off that one time. after that text, he finally told me where she stay at. we were at the police station when he told me. he refuse to do anything.hes completely protecting this girl. he been over her house several occasions but I wasn't there. I told her, her license plate number, her whole apartment address, what she look like, what she drive. after my friend tld me this. I called her obsessive and crazy because she's stalking this boy ex. I asked her who told her, she said the police.


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  • Do I think he's done with her? No, do I think she should be done with him? Yes, he clearly still feels something for his ex and he's lying to himself essentially by dating your friend. I wouldn't say she's crazy for looking into it because it's obviously an issue.

    • i think its obsession when you repeat a person license plate number back to them, when you tell them how they house look, how they look, where they go. especially the license plate part. that is beyond obsession which she was already but that is stalking. the girl has never seen my friend before. I don't know how she know this. but the police don't tell you this information

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    • I don't think it's that uncommon, I don't bother with any of it myself but I know a lot of people who know weird details about people. I know a lot of people who know what shifts random people work. I've even had someone track me down because they seen me around town a lot, put it this way they found me and they didn't even know my name...

    • thats not the kind of tracking she doing. the police don't give out that kind of infromation. when you go stalking somebody house and they car and know how they look and where they be going. that is going overboard and its a private area where the girl stay at. keeping stuff normal will get a person killed or dead because you think stuff is nt nothing to worry about.

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  • I'd answer but that block of text is way too much. Paragraphs please!


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  • It sounds like there's some left over emotions from their past relationship. He wouldn't answer the phone knowing that they would fight if he didn't still care about her and it sounds like he's choosing you over her. It's about time you tell him that if he cares so much about his ex, that he can have her. Dump him already, you deserve way better than a guy who's still hung up on his ex.


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