Is this a stupid reason for a breakup?

Ok so I am probably gonna get a lot of mean comments from this but hear me out ... My boyfriend well I think I love him scratch that I know I love him and ever since I've determined that I get sooooooo freaking jumpy around him it's like my heart beats 100x faster and whenever we are together and talking I'm fine but then whenever we are apart and I'm by myself all I can think is how stupid something I said was and if he thinks I am a total idiot for saying it . Usually he never even brings it up and I can't seem to get him off my mind in everything I do he can pop into my head. For as long as I've been dating him I just can't stop feeling flustered and jelouse and nervouse and stupid and he keeps popping into my mind , this has never happened to me before with any other guy ... I can't tell if I like it I don't like the fact that I am not in controll with my emotions and I've even considered breaking up with him to get this constant on edge feeling gone but at the same time I love him aghhhhh what do I do advice please and don't be mean plz


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  • I don't see why you're even considering breaking up with him, I mean you've just told us you're in love and most likely he is too - talk about killing 2 birds with a stone.

    Maybe you're going through the honeymoon period, but there's no real reason why you should end it so suddenly.

    So based on that, I wouldn't if I were you.


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  • Well, it kinds sounds like the chicken/easy way out if you break up with him. It also sounds like you're kind of young; if you are then you may as well get it over with.

  • dude you've fallin hard, your in love! it be kinda ridiculous to end a relationship with someone because you like them so much. But ill just warn you of one thing, the more attached you get and the deeper you fall in love with him its just gonna hurt that much more if it doesn't work out. If I was you I would just try to focus on keeping your emotions in control and keep everything in perspective, but I wouldn't break up with him!

    • that's what I'm worries of if he breaks up to me I'm going to be crushed and it will be my first heartbreak... I just love him soo much and that's what scares me everyone knows that everyone experiences at least one heartbreak... sooo if I haven't had one yet he has to be my heart break and that scares me

    • yeah not going to lie to you your first heart break is going to be a big deal and it really changes your outlook on love and relationships forever! but its not all bad though I had my first heart break about 5 months ago and I've learned a lot about what to and what not to do in a relationship. It hurt a lot when we first broke up, it was the worst thing ever, but looking back now I wouldn't change a single thing and I don't regret dating her. sometimes you just gotta take a chance and let yourself love someone else, Im happy that I can look back and say I never held back and I did everything that I could and Im not stuck asking myself "what if". If he's into you and your into him id say give love a chance!

  • Welcome to being in love. So yes, you'd be stupid to break up with him.

    • But I don't like this constant bundle of nerves, it's driving me insane and I don't know if he feels the same I don't want to constantly feel on edge , and allways worry about what I've said ... I want it too all be over with but at the same time I can't let him go he's too amazing and I do love him but I can't be IN LOVE with him.. I want it too end but yet I don't want us too end...

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